Differences Between Communication And Communication Styles Essay

Differences Between Communication And Communication Styles Essay

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Gender Differences in Communication Styles
Communication is an interaction of two or more peoples where they exchange thought or information with each other. It is also a way of understanding the emotion and intention behind that information. “Basically there are four purposes of communication: inform, convey goodwill, establish credibility and persuade and influence” (Walker, 2015). It can either be in verbal or non-verbal form. Verbal communication includes language and the non-verbal communication includes; gesture, eye contact, expressions etc. As a human being, our means of communication is mostly language or expression through body language.
Although we are all humans, we each have different way of communication. Normally, gender plays a vital role while communicating. The way males communicate is different than the way females communicate. They also react differently. While talking with each other, they even perceive the same thing differently. The focus of this paper is to provide information about the differences in communication style according to the gender regarding: leadership style, productivity at work and socio-cultural factors.
The communication style of the male is different than that of the female counterpart. The way males view the purpose of the communication is different than the way females view it. It is because the socialization process of both genders is different. “There are different factors of socialization process such as school, family, friend, work and every organization that gathers people” (Eleaume, 2012). As there is different expectation from males and females so there are certain norms the society has set for them. From the childhood, we are taught gendered cultural norms and practices thr...

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...ay they influence others. Males tend to be direct and task-oriented and females tend to be people-oriented and rely on relationship. Society and culture also plays a role on shaping the communication style. Although both genders have different way of communicating style but if both genders understand each other’s trait then it will help to minimize the conflict. Understanding each other’s communication style will help to know each other’s thoughts and work according to it. Difference in communicating style also affects the leadership style. There is no right or wrong way of choosing it. Looking at the need of time and environment, different type of gender communication can be beneficial to the organization. In the present day workplace, people use both kind of communication style that helps to eliminate gender differences and focus on the productivity of the work.

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