Differences Between Christians And Muslims Essay

Differences Between Christians And Muslims Essay

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All cultures have developed ways to deal with death in a respectful manner. The mix of cultural/religious attitudes and behaviors surrounding death and dying can become very complex (Carteret). When a death actually occurs, some individuals suddenly choose to break with tradition entirely, which often creates chaos within families. Religion can be thought of as a cultural system of meaning that helps to solve problems of uncertainty, powerlessness, and scarcity that death creates (Carteret).
When looking at monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islam are two examples. Both Christians and Muslims believe death is a transition to a more glorious place and both believe in the sovereignty of a God in matters of loss. The Koran or Bible are important parts of recognizing the departure of a loved one from this life. Both Christians and Muslims believe in the afterlife and view worldly life much in terms of preparing for eternal life. In the Jewish tradition, the focus is on the purpose of earthly life, which is to fulfill one’s duties to God and one’s fellow man. Succeeding at this brings reward; failing at it brings punishment. However, the traditions surrounding death and dying differ greatly across all three major monotheistic religious systems. Key rituals and practices that differ widely between religions include the preparation of the deceased person’s body, the permissibility of organ donation, and the choosing of cremation vs. burial (Carteret).
When it comes to ancestor worship, those who are dead may not be seen physically, but are alive in a different world and/or can reincarnate in new births. A central theme in all ancestor worship is that the lives of the dead may have supernatural powers over those in the living worl...

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...ight be expected as inhumane immediately upon death. The questions suggested that should be asked would be helpful for the Andaman Islanders and Greek villagers. For example, it is crucial to inquire about the cultural rituals for coping with dying, the deceased person’s body (some cultures believe in cremation and others believe in burial), the final arrangements for the body, and honoring the death. Knowing the answers to these questions would help guide physicians and will provide more order for the Andaman Islanders and Greek villagers in terms of the funeral arrangements. Every culture has different norms and values in how to deal with death. Once physicians become more familiar with different cultures and how to deliver the news of death more appropriately, it would be of great help to all cultures and families, not just the Andaman Islanders or Greek villagers.

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