Differences Between Chinese And Western Parenting Styles Essays

Differences Between Chinese And Western Parenting Styles Essays

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Today’s parenting model was composed by diversity, through media and books that parents got to know different parenting styles. Since more and more people focused on how to cultivate the next generation, the difference between Chinese and Western parenting styles would arouse controversy. It seems like Chinese and Western parenting methods are totally different, which give both Chinese and Western parents a shock. However, what interesting is that both parenting methods can foster elitists. Amy Chua in “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” discusses her typical Chinese parenting style, which is a coercion way to love her daughters. She always pushes her daughters to play the piano and do school works. In a word, she wants to take every of her daughters’ actions into control and she is so confident that she can hardly accept others’ suggestions. There is no doubt that both her daughters are very successful in different areas. However, when we looked at Western parenting model, we can also find something attractive. Adam Gopnik, serves as a typical Western parent, in his article “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” also shows his parenting style. Differed from Chua, he is not strict at all. Instead, he only wants his daughter can live a happy life. Just like all the other Western parents, he cares about his daughters’ psyche so much. When he found his daughter has an imaginary friend, he is so worried that he asked psychologist for help. What both Western and Chinese parenting methods in common is that both parents want their children can live a better life. In fact, we do not need to split parenting styles into separated parts. A successful parent should combine Chinese and western parenting methods together. The role of parent is to foster the...

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...ves chosen by themselves. On the contrary, Gopnik choose not to intervene his daughter’s decision at the most extent even when he is worried about that decision. Instead of stopping his daughter playing with that imaginary friend, he chose to approach a child’s world and see if there is anything he can help, “I also learned that some children, as they get older, turn out to possess what child psychologists call a ‘paracosm’. A paracosm is a society thought up by a child” (155). Gopnik will never make decisions for his daughters, and by doing so, he did not block the possibility of making his daughter become independent. It may be hard for parents not to over-intervene their children’s growth, but a successful parent knows the time to intervene and when it is not. Eventually, under a freedom growing environment, children can know what they really want and work for it.

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