Essay about Differences Between Children And Adults

Essay about Differences Between Children And Adults

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For me it is very important that my children speak, read and write Spanish. It is a part of what they are and I want to grow proud of their Hispanic Heritage. I want them to talk to my parents, the rest of the family and friends in Spanish. For now I can say with joy that my oldest son, who is 10, speaks to me in Spanish sometimes , although not perfect. As for my other two boys, 4 and 5 years old respectively, they still have not said their first sentences, but at least have begun practicing simple words.
If we compare the learning process of a language in early ages, with the grammar or the phonology, you will see that the first process reaches adulthood and will never conclude, while the other two conclude way before. It seems that there are significant differences between children and adults to learn the vocabulary in their childhood. Anglin (1970) states “that an aspect of the lexical development is that it increases the perception of syntactic, semantic and conceptual relations of words. A development of the capacity of generalization and abstraction, allowing adults to understand and produce metaphorical uses, and have greater expressivity is also appreciated.”
However, in the case of a second language, where the majority of the learners are adults and already dominate at at least another language, I can say that the first moment of learning they will try to organize the words in a way that allows them to store it and retrieve it with speed and effectiveness. The job for the teachers is to enhance this learning strategy, using exercises that teach not only to understand the words, but to relate them, distinguish them and use them correctly and appropriately. If taken into account, on the other hand, that in the real worl...

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...communicative competence, especially if we accept that the teaching of the language covers not only words, but also phrases, institutionalized expressions and syntagmatic combinations.” In addition, we have a process that includes lots of information about a lexical unit learning for use in a context.
In conclusion, we as parents, are the first teachers and those who exert greater influence in the lives of children. That is why it is very important for us as parents to develop and maintain strong relationships with our kids’ schools and participate whenever we can in activities that will impact our kid’s development process. When parents and families get involved in schools, children tend to stand out more and their opinions about the school are more positive. So children can succeed in school, parents and families must participate actively in children 's learning.

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