Essay on The Differences Between Britain And The United States

Essay on The Differences Between Britain And The United States

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The biggest difference between Britain and the United States is the political structure and the way it functions. While the similarities between the British and American government are innumerable, there are various differences that are present. The most obvious difference, in my opinion, between these two country 's political structures is the fact that Britain is a constitutional monarchy while the United States is a federal republic. This difference sets the foundation for several less apparent differences. In order to gather an understanding of these differences between the British and American politics, one most explore each country 's unique constitution, branches of government, and political parties.
The most noticeable difference that I found between the British and American political system is their constitutions. A constitution is a body of written and/or unwritten rules, which constitute the fundamental law of the country. Unlike in the United States where there is only one written constitution, Britain has no single written document that could be easily classified as its constitution. Instead Britain has what are known as constitutional provisions which are various laws created by Acts of Parliament. It is intriguing that Britain, home of the Magna Carta, does not actually have a codified constitution. Perhaps, I realized, it is because of this history of great charters that Britain has found it easier to operate on an uncodified constitution.
In contrast the United States has a written constitution which is heavily engrained in the minds of many Americans as it establishes many of their rights. The Constitution is accessible for viewing by all which enables everyone the ability to learn of their rights as Americ...

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...when it comes to interviews and debates. In many ways the Britons have given their political parties, large or small, a more amiable opportunity to voice their thoughts.
The differences between the British and American political systems are not always clear but nonetheless are present. The fact remains however that both of these societies have been able to maintain their respected governments consistently for hundreds of years. As previously stated, the Britons have had a long rich history of constitutional documents, making it difficult to narrow down their constitution to just one source. On the other hand, the United States constitution was created out of a fear of anarchy and tyranny therefore creating a rigid constitution. In the end each system arguably has its flaws, especially when everyone has a different view on how a country should be structured and ran.

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