Differences Between Body Basketball And Wheelchair Basketball Essay

Differences Between Body Basketball And Wheelchair Basketball Essay

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Before I talk about the interview it is necessary to illustrate you with the differences in able body basketball and wheelchair basketball. The rules of wheelchair basketball and stand up basketball are very similar. The quarters are the length of 12 minutes. The shot clock is 24 seconds and once the ball hits the rim it resets. When the ball is in play you have 8 seconds to cross half court. Players can only be in the key for 3 seconds unless if the ball is being shot. When a player is inbounding the ball you have 5 seconds to pass the ball in. The major difference between these two sports are traveling, which happens when the players pushes his chair more than 2 times without dribbling the ball. There are four types of fouls like basketball. Technical fouls which include hitting the arms of other players when they are in blocking position. Lifting you chair while you have the ball to gain height over other players and hooking your chair with someone else to make them lose control of their chair. Personal fouls are the same as standup basketball, bad behavior, slamming the ball or throwing it. Also, you can get a personal foul for pushing one of you players into someone else. Furthermore, the biggest difference between these sports is the classification class. Each player is given a classification between 1-5 based on how much mobility their body allows them to have. A walking person is given a 5. Someone paralyzed from the waist down would be given a 1 or 0. To keep teams even each team can have a combined classification of 15 on the court, this means each coach needs to think which players will get to see more playing times than other.
Coach Derek Brown born in Illinois is the coach and director for the wheelchair basketball pr...

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...his to them is because he wants to see those people who are living under similar circumstances as he was to have a chance of making something with their life, he doesn 't want for them to get forgotten by our society, he truly believes that everyone has the potential to make something special with their life. Although he has a great life now, it was not always easy, Mr. Brown had to deal with dark times throughout his life, he was spending time with the wrong crowd, he had dark thoughts, and was very depressed at times. But, like i previously stated he is a very strong individual who with the help of his family and friends found a path that lead him to a clean and productive life. Now, he lives here in Tucson and enjoys the living style of this small city, where everyone is friendly and supportive of who he is and what he is trying to do at the University of Arizona.

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