The Differences Between Australian Public Representations Of The Refugees Before 1960 And Boat People ' After 1975

The Differences Between Australian Public Representations Of The Refugees Before 1960 And Boat People ' After 1975

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What is the difference between Australian public representations of ‘displaced people’ before 1960 and ‘boat people’ after 1975?

Thesis statement: The refugee influx has been a major concern in Australia and the immigration policies have caused a number of debates and controversy since World War II. The change of these policies revealed society 's attitudes toward race, cultural factors, labor needs. During the post World War 2, the White Australia Policy was a significant factor influenced the immigration policies ; the Act prevented the non-Europe and non-White immigrating to Australia. In the 1970s, the Whitlam government abolished the "White Australia Policy and launched the Racial Discrimination Act, which made racial discrimination illegal . The resettlement of thousands of Vietnamese people in Australia was a dramatic change in the Australian immigration history; the country has become a multicultural society where shared values, diverse cultures and racial tolerance embraced.

The aftermath of World War II was the beginning of the refugee crisis . In this period, Jewish including the survivors of the Nazism from Europe, Egypt, Iraq and China was the largest group of migrants came to Australia . The Australian government launched a quota system and a variety of measurement method to limit the arrival of Jewish refugees and Nazism survivors. The aim was to minimize Jewish population in the nation. The main reason for this restriction policy was the outbreak of anti-Jewish sentiments both before and after the war . This indicated in media, including television, magazine and in statements by members of parliament and in proposals acknowledged by the Returned Services League (RSL) and the Australian Natives Association (ANA) ....

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...Vietnamese refugees was an initial challenge for the Australia government after the abolishment of the White Australia Policy.

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