The Differences Between Ancient Egypt And Egypt Essay examples

The Differences Between Ancient Egypt And Egypt Essay examples

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Agriculture, Religion, and Politics are the three main publicized topics in today’s society. What a coincidence that it was the same three back in ancient times. With the ancient civilizations being the forerunners of finding out what worked and what didn’t, is how the current methods or beliefs exist today. The Egyptians, Zhou Dynasty, and Greek Civilizations are prime examples of failure and success within the agriculture, religion and political realms.
Pharaohs and Chief Ministers restructured political structure in the Egyptian New Kingdom into a military state with a centralized administration’s lead. Pharaoh Thutmose III had a very successful time period at one point. He was able to expand the territorial boundaries that lead to diplomacy, alliances, and treaties as well as reestablished Egyptian rule of Syria and Palestine. After many attempts to keep the Egyptian state together, power began to deteriorate and Egypt had no choice but to separate back into two divisions known as Upper and Lower Egypt. Although Egypt wasn’t able to keep a steady political structure, economic affairs were part of the reason the separation of the divisions was able to survive.
Bronze Metallurgy, pottery, textile manufacture, woodworking, leather production, stone cutting, and masonry all became distinct occupations in cities throughout the Nile Valley. (Ziegler p.61). All these productions were made to trade for other items. The Nile River wasn’t always easy for the Egyptians to make use of. There were often times prevailing winds and non-navigable cataracts that made it impossible at times to take advantage of. However, the Egyptians did learn how to use the wind to their advantage. The Egyptians were highly intelligent people who were abl...

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...mplishment due to the fact they were able to grow their own food rather than acquiring it by hunting and gathering. People were able to begin staying in one place instead of moving constantly to where the food was. Agriculture produced almost all of the food for everyone, with the exception of trading of for other items they couldn’t produce. Without agriculture people would have starved, less trade would occur, and societies would be under developed. Due to the surplus of food from the crops, this meant the people had much more free time, instead of stressing for food. The free time periods lead to the beginning of crafts, and pottery. Most crafts that were made got traded, and pottery was used to store goods or food. These civilizations were able to accomplish great things in the time being. Without the development of agriculture we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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