The Differences And Differences Of Communicating Through A Cell Phone Or A Letter

The Differences And Differences Of Communicating Through A Cell Phone Or A Letter

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Which form of communication do you think you use more often? Communication has been essential for us, for as long as we have known. The two forms of communication discussed in this essay are mail and texting. Mail has been around since the mid-nineteenth century while the first text ever sent was in 1992. Whichever method used, they are great ways to communicate with other people. We will discuss the differences and similarities of communicating through a text or a letter in the mail. This generation use both forms of communication and we will see what makes them different. This essay will discuss the differences and similarities of communicating through a text on a cell phone or a letter in the mail.
The first topic that will be discussed is mail. The first thing that we can about how mail is very different from texting is that everyone can use it. This may sound weird because we think of our lower generations to only be run my cellphones yet what about our higher generations? Do you have a grandfather or grandmother that can only call through the phone or sends you cards but have no idea what the concept of texting is? It is a safe way to write all your feelings out on paper and may take longer to communicate but is simple enough that everyone can sit down and write a few pages on updating their lives with everyone. It may also help you from saying something that you wish you didn’t say in a text.
Mail is great in that it is more personal and professional as opposed to sending text message. Writing out a thorough letter could be seen as more personal because it shows that you took time out of your day to write a page or two of what is going on in your life to the person you are sending it to. Another example is sending a ca...

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...that we have. It is quick enough that some of us never realize how much we text but if we were to go back into our contacts, we would be able to see that actually, we text all the time. Our phone bills are really high just for the fact that we need unlimited texting and other accessories that we don’t realize what we spend our money on.
Now I talked about both the negative side and positive side of communication. It is your best judgement of which type we should use more but both are very nice uses to talk to others. One is faster so it is more useful for people that are really close or live closer to someone. Whereas mail takes a longer time yet it is more personal and you can send items in them. Mail and texts are useful and are necessary for this generation to keep up with the world around us. They both will also help us further our knowledge or specific items.

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