The Difference of How a Theatrical Critic and a Reviewer Look at a Performer

The Difference of How a Theatrical Critic and a Reviewer Look at a Performer

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I. Introduction
In today’s society, we are flustered with a variety of artistic performances, which are both praised and rejected by others. In a recent 2011 article by Bert Cardullo, he explains the two main types of persons whose main jobs are to look over these artistic performances and give their personal feedback. “It is certainly true that the critics—those persons whom the dictionary describes as “skilled in judging the qualities or merits of some class of things, especially of literary or artistic work”—have long harbored murderous thoughts about the condition of our drama, but their ineffectuality as public executioners is legendary. The reviewers, by contrast, come close to being the most loyal and effective allies the commercial theater could possibly desire” (Cardullo, 2011). Looking into this quote, it demonstrates that critics take their job to the extent where they aren’t afraid to strike hard at a particular piece. As for a reviewer, they will be more “sugar coating” about performances and offer helpful suggestions for the piece (they are praised more than critics). This research will focus on the lenses of theatrical critics and reviewers with their similarities and differences (as well as emphasize on some important Theatrical Critics and Reviewers). Then, based on this research, it will be put to the test as a playwright takes his previously produced play and use criticisms and reviews as a guide to recreating a play and bringing it back onto the stage. Once doing that, a survey will be conducted to see if the help of criticisms and/or reviews aided in the success of the newly revised play.
II. Purpose of the Study
Evaluating the differentiation of theatrical critiques and reviews are crucial in any artist...

... middle of paper ...

...fully assist in making the director change some things around in order to make their production more successful and sell more seats.

VI. Conclusion
Theatrical critics and reviewers have been thought of as the same occupation; however, they are two different types of jobs that help in making a production improve on its previous mistakes. In doing so, it creates a newly revised play that is meant to be successful for public consumption. It also creates the idea that critics and reviewers work together to give amazing feedback and bring together new ideas for a playwright/director to take and use to their advantage.

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