The Difference of Electrical and Gasline Transporation Essay

The Difference of Electrical and Gasline Transporation Essay

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There is currently a challenge that the world is facing; the need for a convenient and affordable form of transportation that does not contribute to the destruction of the environment. There are many obstacles that make this a difficult task to achieve. Hybrid cars do use electricity as one of their main sources of energy, however the batteries used in these cars do not store enough charge to ensure the car’s ability to travel great distances. Because of this, hybrid vehicles have a second engine which runs on gasoline. The electric motors powering these vehicles enables the car to travel more miles per gallon consumed, effectively reducing the drivers carbon footprint. It is hard however, to imagine that less greenhouse gases are being produced when thick black smoke can be seen coming out of trucks, buses and cars, seemingly marking its territory in urban cities.
Although it has already been hundreds of years since electricity has made its way into technology, new methods to utilize and store electrical charge are still being developed. Thermal and kinetic energy are converted into a usable form of energy, electricity, by placing solar panels in areas where the sun shines much of the day or wind turbines in places with constant gusts of wind. This electrical energy then makes its way to schools, businesses and homes via power lines that can safely carry the electricity for large distances. Unlike petroleum which is usually obtained via some form of digging, whether it be on land or off-shore, electricity can be obtained without any invasive procedures that damage the environment.
While modern electric and hybrid vehicles regain some of the energy expended through normal uses such as braking, electric vehic...

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... application for ultracapacitors is that for modern cars made for the public. Engineers have discovered a way to store energy that would have otherwise been lost from braking in a vehicle. Hybrid electric vehicles use only this mechanism to restore its energy. Because of this, hybrid cars still rely pretty heavily on gas and in fact cannot run without gas in the tank.
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