The Difference in Society among Rich and Poor Essay

The Difference in Society among Rich and Poor Essay

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The world is changing at an extremely rapid pace, and technology is evolving constantly. Additionally, new technology is being invented every day, and people always chase after new technology, which costs a considerable amount of money. However, there are some people who all they think about is how to provide enough food for their families. This shows that there are two groups of people in society: the rich and the poor. Even though there is a separation in society, these two groups of people have one major thing in common, which is they both need money in order to get what they want. With this being said, they also must work in order to get money. Working to get money is one of the main reasons why jobs are so important in society; moreover, people also want to challenge and satisfy themselves as well as to have control over their lives.
When people are asked why they want a job, most of them will answer they want money. The reasons they want money are varied and depend on the individual. However, these reasons can be boiled down to one simple reason, which is people need money in order to buy what they desire. An example can be seen through the lives of many college students; they struggle to find jobs in order to pay the rising college tuition cost while studying at the same time. Another example is my parents, and they work hard everyday to support the family. They must have money in order to pay for food, clothing, and other kinds of bills. Moreover, in the essay “The Importance of Work,” Gloria Steinem asserts that “economic need is the most consistent work motive” (18). From this quote, Steinem has shown that financial and economic need are the forces that drive the motives for getting a job. Similarly, in the essa...

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... jobs are important to people who want to show that they can control their lives and be independent.
The reasons that jobs are so important in society nowadays are because people want money in order to attain their desires, challenge and satisfy themselves as well as to have more control over their lives. People need jobs in order to support their families, pay their bills as well as to buy new things that they want. However, there is another reason why people want to get a job, which is they want to do things that are challenging. By challenging themselves, people will also feel satisfied and gratified with their lives. In addition, they also want to be productive to prevent boredom from an aimless lifestyle. Beside that, people also want to show that they are capable of being independent. These are the reasons why jobs are important in this ever-changing society.

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