The Difference Between United States and Germany's Healthcare Essay

The Difference Between United States and Germany's Healthcare Essay

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Access to quality healthcare is the one of the top stories in international news today. Most countries around the world are finding different ways to control cost and delivery quality healthcare to its populations. Most countries have the difficult task of offering quality healthcare at an affordable price, without crashing the financial market within the countries. With a growing population and an elderly demographic that are living longer, this has caused a strain on healthcare resources that has a high cost on the economy that is limited. In the United States “Universal Healthcare” is a concept that was introduced to Americans since Bill Clinton has been President. Along with the United States, other countries are preparing for a global initiative to provide universal healthcare for each and every one. Germany is one of those countries that have, for many years, been the first ahead of many countries in “Universal Healthcare”, they have a long history of universal healthcare that was introduced by a German hero, Otto Von Bismarck. This paper will compare and contrast universal healthcare between the United States and Germany by exploring the history of universal healthcare, government’s role in healthcare, financing healthcare, public healthcare reforms and policies, healthcare authorities and infrastructure, pharmaceutical market, consumer expectations, tobacco use, cautions and considerations for healthcare and smoking in both countries. Basically, the United States is the “capitalist country” and Germany is a socialist country, which means that in the delivery of healthcare universally will be more of a challenge to one country than the other. The values and ethics of the people of the United States and Germany respectful...

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...tive branch, acts in such a way to deny unfairly to any person the rights accorded to another, the amendment has been violated. (Pozgar. p.39)

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