Difference Between Team Teams And Team Members And The Degree Of Attractiveness For Team Employees

Difference Between Team Teams And Team Members And The Degree Of Attractiveness For Team Employees

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Cohesion in teams is defined as the closeness of interpersonal bonds within team members and the degree of attractiveness for team members for the team itself. Also, cohesion in team is defined as a dynamic process that is described by a group’s tendency to stay together until the task is achieved. During my tenure at BHS I have experienced many athletic endeavors as well as coached many different types of teams. The team I would like to discuss today is our football program from last year. From a cohesive standpoint, this team is completely different and far more successful than any other team I have coached in the past. There are many reasons why. Overtime this team developed first as friends and later as teammates. This sequence developed trust and intrapersonal communication within the team. Growing up they all went to the same catholic school and played on the same youth league sports teams. This group always required task cohesion for specific goals and always brought together in tough times through the bond of trust and respect that they had for one another. The coaches did no...

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