Essay about The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Editorials

Essay about The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Editorials

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There are many aspects of a successful editorial; a proper editorial should always refrain from any bias persuading the reader to think a certain way. Editorials containing fallacies can be demeaning and can also disinterest your reader. Background information is also a requirement; it enlightens readers who do not know much about the topic in which you will be discussing. The Keystone XL Pipeline has been a hot topic in politics since 2012. If the bill was passed a nearly 2,000 mile long pipeline, that would carry oil, would run from Canada through the middle of the United States down to the Gulf of Mexico. The republicans and democrats have had mixed views about the subject and have had time to share their thoughts through newspaper editorials. The “Keystone Booby Trap” is a more credible editorial by pertaining minimal biases while supplying sufficient background information, and establishes proper credibility. The Oregonian’s “Keystone Kop” editorial uses fallacies and gives little to no background information; therefore it’s not as credible.
The editorial published by The Register-Guard named “The Keystone Booby Trap” does a superior job at providing sufficient background information. Instead of leaving uninformed readers guessing what the Keystone XL Pipeline is, it explains in detail what the Canadian company hopes to do. If Obama passes the bill the company would proceed to build a nearly 2,000 mile long pipeline from southern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The pipeline would carry oil extracted from tar sands and transport it to the gulf, so it could then be shipped to the Middle East for Canada’s benefit. Providing sufficient background information is essential in an article or editorial. It’s not reasonable to assume ev...

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...of writing.
A successful editorial should always provide throughout background information, while refraining from using any bias and fallacies. Background information is important in order to let writers think, while avoiding bias and fallacies and presenting solid facts can persuade your reader properly. All this together can establish better credibility with your readers, making your article the more successful. In this case The Register-Guard’s “The Keystone Booby Trap” showed better qualities of a successful editorial over The Oregonian’s “The Keystone Kop”.

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