The Difference Between Scientific Knowledge and Other Types of Knowledge

The Difference Between Scientific Knowledge and Other Types of Knowledge

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    Science is the body of organized knowledge. Science is the collection of ideas and theories and the methodology used by people to prove them. It is the set of methods that people follow in order to explain the things that they see, the things that they perceive and the things that they believe in.
    Science is an approach by which scientists relate things to each other and explain the main concepts that govern the very laws that they derive. [Gauch, 2003]
    What is the main difference between science and other types of knowledge? The answer to this question is simple: methodology. Science is not the usual techno-electronic and green-blue colored liquids that one perceives when hearing the word “science” but it as simple as a method. The method of scientific logic, deduction and logical reasoning is what classifies knowledge into science. All other types are known as non-scientific bodies of knowledge, some types of which are unorganized and unrelated to the natural world.
    The issue that arises in this discussion is that is there a valid difference between science and other types of knowledge or are they both interrelated in some specific terms? Does science have a sister that encompasses the same rules and regulations and follows the same methodology or does science stand alone, with all other types of knowledge as a separate entity.
    Does science depend upon the findings and possession of other types of knowledge for its effective running or is it directly based on scientific reasoning?
    The issue shall discuss the various differences between science and other types of knowledge and discuss the argument whether the science can rely without the separate theories posted by non-scientific educational bodies. ...

... middle of paper ... of knowledge have different methodologies, ideas and concepts.
    After considering all the described points in this paper, it can be rightly said that there is a considerable difference between science and other types of knowledge.
    The differences can be analyzed using differences in characteristics and the differences in the very aspects of the two bodies.
    Since a valid difference in methodology and idea existed, the notion that the difference between science and other types of knowledge is true.

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