Essay on Difference Between Romantic And Platonic Love

Essay on Difference Between Romantic And Platonic Love

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Movies only scratch the surface of “best friends.” You see the typical girl duo that gossips and shops, completely joined at the hip, never without one another. They trade secrets and inside jokes like playing cars, and their names go hand in hand. That perception isn’t wrong; it’s just not the whole truth. Your best friend should be all that movies say, but it’s so much more complex than that.
Have you ever met someone and when you start talking you’re left wondering where they’ve been all your life. Or meeting someone and telling yourself “He’s the one”. You know in yourself that you will never ever find someone whom you will love this hard again; because you are 100% sure that he is your forever kind of love. The difference between romantic and platonic love is very minimal; it can feel almost exactly the same. Part of love is giving a part of yourself to someone you could possibly lose. At the end of my longest days, the times when I feel most drained, my best friend is always the one to put a smile on my weary, worn out face. Dave Matthews once said, “A guy and girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other… Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, maybe forever.”
Being in love is like seeing land again after being at sea for months in a terrible storm. It is land, solid ground in the midst of a beautiful hurricane. It’s knowing that no matter how disastrous it may get, you never fail to see his silhouette in the distance. It’s amazing when you find this one person—the one you never thought would fit quite nicely in the space of your heart as if its meant to be there. And sometimes it feels overwhelming, in a good way, because he’s making you feel all sorts of things...

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...ome un-lost. Everyone else is a train you missed or an elevator closing too soon. What I mean is; they might be the only person you have loved on purpose. They are the only one it won’t hurt to remember.
I know my best friend better than anyone else in the world, and so I fell in love with him. But, I’m beginning to realize that you can be in love with someone without wanting to be with them. You can just simply love everything about their existence, like their small absentminded habits or the phrases they use or all their favorite songs and movies. You can be absolutely mesmerized by them as a whole and see them as art, but also be completely at peace with not having any romantic chemistry with them. Some people are masterpieces that are impossible not to fall in love with; it may just be in a different way. That’s the difference between platonic and romantic love.

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