Difference Between Research Methods And Research Methodology Essay

Difference Between Research Methods And Research Methodology Essay

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Difference Between Research Methods & Research Methodology
Research Methodology and research methods both these terms are being used essentially in any research procedure but makeup of both these is different. In this journal we would talk about their difference but first of all it is necessary to know deeply about research methodology and research methods individually. Let’s have a look over research methodology first.
Research methodology can be defined as, giving a clear cut idea about the methods or process used by a researcher in his/her research in order to gain research objectives. At a right time planning the whole research process and to run it in a right direction, it is very tough to choose related research methodology. Research methodology shape up the whole research procedure and also gives the loyalty of researcher behind his efforts. Methodology guides a researcher to be energetic enough to indulge in his/her particular field of enquiry as it provides the researcher, ideas of selecting research topic, its whole procedure along with recommendations about it and keeps the research on a right path as well. Research methodology is the base of entire research plan. A deep and clear idea of having a proper research aim involving an appropriate literature point of view is provided by methodology. Further steps of research process follows this used methodology and leads to findings and conclusion of research. Some more elements of choosing a right type research like its strategy, philosophy, techniques, all these are identifies and analyzed by methodology of research process. Research methodology can be called as nerves because the whole research process is surrounded by it, a research process is incomplete in fact it ...

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...ues used to tackle and run research methods of observations, experiments etc. research methods have aim to find solution to research problems while research methodology gives correct procedures in finding solutions. research methodology exist in the roots of methods and research methods are the initial and primary face in carrying out research process. Research methods are useful for the ending of research process as they are specifically for its conclusion while research methodology is the beginning of a research process in order to explain the purpose of choosing the topic as well as its functions.

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