Difference Between Primary And Secondary Sources Essay

Difference Between Primary And Secondary Sources Essay

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Throughout this course I have learned a variety of things, ranging from the use of transition words to correctly applying APA writing style. Similar to English 1100, English 2201 has further advance my writing skills. My first thought when signing up for this class was how easy it would be since it is a new class. But I was wrong, the instructor was well informed on how this class should be taught. I have learned a lot about writing in my discipline.
The first thing I learned from this class was to work in groups. Most of all of our projects were completed in groups. The first project assigned to the class was the Report on Writing in the Field Assignment. For this project I learned the difference between primary and secondary sources. In this project we had to interview a numerous amount of professionals who are working in our future profession. This was an easy task for my group since we knew so many professionals. After we figured out who to interview we had to figure out questions to ask. This took our group a longer time than we expected, but in the end we had a list full of great questions to ask.
This project had lots of rhetorical strategy errors. Some of the rhetorical strategies done correctly in this paper were the identification of the audience, purpose, thesis, and the overall content of the paper. Some rhetorical strategies that our group did not properly execute were the unity, sentence structure, and grabber. As a result of working in groups, there were a variety of tones shown in our paper. The instructor could tell who wrote a certain paragraph, because each group member had their own style of writing. Essentially, the paper did not flow. Our paper also did not have sentence structure. Our group members failed ...

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...ss, I have learned about rhetorical strategies. I’ve learn how to identify and explain each strategy. Some of the essential strategies that I have learned in this class are audience, purpose, argument, organization, evidence, style, tone, etc. It is important to identify the audience because that determines the proper tone and style of writing to use. Every paper has a purpose and usually it is found in the thesis statement. So once the thesis is written then the purpose of the paper is written. Organization is an essential strategy because it gives the paper unity and it makes the paper flow. Evidence is always need because it is what gives your paper content and detail. It also gives the paper some kind of validity, depending on the sources you obtain your evidence from. These are just a couple of rhetorical strategies, the list is way longer than these seven.

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