Essay on Difference Between Mass And Weight

Essay on Difference Between Mass And Weight

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To distinguish between mass and weight, one must know the basic definition of the two terms. Mass is typically defined as a measurement of how much matter in in an object or amount of inertia it holds. While weight is a measurement of how hard gravity pulls on the object. The mass always contains the same amount of matter however, the amount an objects weighs may fluctuate due to the gravity. The weight of an object depends on where it is, whereas mass always remains the same; mass does not change given the location in which it is found. Using the United States metric system, mass is measured in kilograms and grams using the metric system, whereas weight is measured in pounds. Objects in Scientists typically express their ides in speak in relation of mass rather than weight.

Mass can never be calculated as zero, everything around us has mass. Weight can be zero, as weight is dependent on the gravitational pull on an object. When more gravity exists, the heavier the object is; when less gravity exists, the lighter the object is. For example, if a person weighing 120 pounds weighed themselves on earth, their weight would register at 120 pounds. However, if that same person were to weigh themselves on the moon, they would weight virtually because no gravity exists. As a person moves further away from earth, the increments of the units of weight would gradually decrease. Another example, is to take two objects, one having more mass than the other, and drop both objects at the same time. Both objects would fall at the same rate due to the gradational pull on both (textbook).

Sir Isaac Newton formulated three laws which describe the motion of objects and how the interact. In summary, Newton’s first law of motion states, an...

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... or drive a car without floating into the air. When objects are dropped, they fall to the ground without floating back into the air. For example, if a pitcher throws a ball in a horizontal line with the earth, the distance it travels is dependent on the amount of force the pitcher uses. Whether he throws the ball 50 feet or 500 feet, since the earth is round, the balls downward path will follow the curvature of the earth (textbook).

Force must be applied to an object to overcome the gravitational force of the earth. An external force can aid in an object being moved or set into motion. Objects with smaller mass experience less gravitational pull than objects with larger mass. When force or a push is applied to a person weighing 200 pounds, because they have more mass than a person weighing 50 pounds, the 200 pound person would be more resistant to motion.

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