The Difference Between Leadership and Managment Essay

The Difference Between Leadership and Managment Essay

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Leadership is the process of leading a group of people and influencing them to achieve the goals of an organization. Not all mangers could be leaders as leadership is one of the four functions of management (Robbins, Coulter, & Vohra, 2009). It is observed that all mangers should have some leadership qualities in them. Many definitions are provided for term leadership. Some researchers are of the view that there are as many definitions for leadership as there are persons who tried to define this concept. Peter Drucker, a management consultant defines leader as a person who has followers and that leader requires influence in order to gain followers. The leader gain influence of followers through flexible means of training and education as well as support and protection. The leader has such abilities that without destroying the uniqueness of person, he could achieve unity of common values and directions. Building credibility and trust are the foremost characteristics of leadership (Winston & Pattersom, 2006).
Difference between Leadership and Management
Leadership and management are considered as overlapping concepts because leadership is one of the dimensions of management. Many academic professionals, theorists and researchers are of the view that the difference between leadership and management is important and that both the terms should not be used interchangeably. Leaders set new goals and vision for a group of people that are following them, they are pioneer in setting new directions for their group. On the other hand managers control the people and give them directions to follow and these directions are already developed by the organization which they are managing (Myers, 1995).
Peter Drucker, a management consul...

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