Difference Between Guy And You Essay

Difference Between Guy And You Essay

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Imagine this, You’re standing in line at a gas station when you overhear the cashier say to the person in front of you that there is a five-dollar card limit on the item he or she is trying to purchase, so they sigh, groan and bite their lip, pointing to the Plexiglas box next to the cashier, “I’ll take a couple lottery tickets,” He shrugs. “Those two.” And now his five-dollar limit is complete. He leaves the gas station with his items and now it is your turn. The cashier smiles a very friendly smile, the corners of your mouth twitches but you manage to smile because not only are you paying in cash to cut the cashier some slack, this cashier already knows what you’re here for. You walk out of the store with your tickets and just enough dignity to get you to your car. The difference between that guy and you are, he knew his limit but this is the fourth time you’ve been to this gas station this week to buy a ticket and him.
So what is the lottery, and what is an addiction, and how do the two go hand in hand? When playing the lottery, you 're taking a strong chance of winning a sum of money from small to large, it comes in different forms from raffles to sweepstakes to ticket sales at your local gas station. An addiction is a feeling of being hooked on something whether it’s a substance or activity like playing the lottery it 's one particular thing you feel you can 't let go of. An addiction can affect family life, friendships, and your financial status. But does that mean that playing the lottery is an official addiction?
The answer to this is yes, and no. If done in moderation, say you received a lottery ticket inside of your birthday card from grandma, and you won one extra free ticket after scratching off the ticket. That does n...

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...ioned that the Government isn’t trust worthy when it comes to the lottery, they may actually care about your credit! You can’t buy a ticket online, and 42 out of the 44 states in the Powerball network, forbid online Powerball ticket sales. But here’s the catch, in some states that says by law you can’t buy it with a credit card, get yourself a gift card or debit card and fuel your addiction that way, it all comes down to the retailers’ rules and regulations.
The great credit card debate is a way the government shows they care, because they fear being the cause of your gambling addiction and overspending. If you feel like you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction or fits the description. Get help, there’s a lot of ways out there from hotlines to rehab so it is possible. Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but no one wants to be an addict. Know your limit.

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