Essay on The Difference Between Good And Evil

Essay on The Difference Between Good And Evil

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Normally, the difference between good and evil is like black and white – it’s usually obvious. The reasons to distinguish heroes who struggle to better the world and villains who consume the same desire boils down to the methods of achieving it. In the most obvious sense, Adolf Hitler wanted to make the world a better place based on his own values and in doing so, took the undesirables of society – the Jews – and put them in concentration camps. Hitler also squashed any obstacles in his path to creating his utopia with himself at the helm. In Death Note, a graphic novel by Tsugumi Ohba, 17-year-old Light Yagaumi stumbles upon a Death Note, a book that gives him the ability to kill anyone in the world with as little as a name and a reason. Light decides that the best way to use his power and extreme cunning ability and intelligence to create a utopia where everyone is morally sound. To do this, Light must first dispose of all the criminals in the world. Many people and proponents of capital punishment would agree that killing criminals and removing them from society is not a bad thing and indeed makes the world a better place, in fact, having the ability to do so and failing to rid the world of killers, rapists, and thieves would not be heroic at all, but Light quickly realizes that the methods in which he completes this moral cleansing of society are not received with praise by all, and a police investigation soon ensues. Faced with a dilemma, Light decides that in order to save his utopia and continue his “path the righteousness”, he must eliminate the very people fighting his cause. In Death Note, author Tsugumi Ohba’s inserts many comparisons between Light Yagami and the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler though his rise to power...

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...Yagami’s use of the death note to create a morally just world by eliminating all of the criminals seems like a just cause, but it is overshadowed by intimidating the people, vowing to kill a sword enemy, and by killing the innocent policemen that come close to knowing his true identity. While Light’s moral cleansing is slightly different than Hitler’s the same principals of selfishness and the use of death to cover ones’ tracks still apply and are not qualities of a hero. In history classes today, it is taught that Hitler one of the most evil men in the history of the modern world. The striking resemblance between Light Yagami and the man holding this title is a clear message from Obha that Light Yagami is not a hero. There is no good in him, but a psychopath who will stop at nothing to achieve world domination, even if it leaves a wake of dead bodies behind him.

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