The Difference between Gender Identity and Gender Role Essays

The Difference between Gender Identity and Gender Role Essays

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Today in the world there have been more people interested in their sexuality and how to understand it. Many people have tried to control certain feelings and interests in their gender and human sexuality topic. Modern researchers have found different reasoning’s why an individual would want to hide who they really are or become someone else. Research dates all the way back to the Victorian period and what they thought about sex in general. American Biologist Alfred Kinsey talks about sexology because he did sex research into human sexuality in 1947. Individual adults or even children are conflicted about who they want to be and what gender they were born. If anything that many psychologists have taught us different information about gender and human sexuality over the years as it has evolved. Human sexuality is psychological aspects such as gender identity, expression and variant people.
Sex, male or female including the chromosomes, behavior and intercourse. According to the book “Psychology in action” written by Karen Huffman, gender role is defined as knowing the expectations for a man and a women. Men are believed to appear strong, fearless, being the “bread winner” for the family. On the other hand women are looked upon to be the housewife, cleaning, taking care of the kids and being obedient to her husband. But the definition of gender role has been blurred a little bit, due to the fact that women have gained their independence and men have gone in to career fields thought to have only been for women.
In an article titled “Boys will be girls”, the author Cathy Gulli tells a story of a girl, Olie, born a boy but transitioned into a girl. Olie was born Oliver and even a very young age Olie’s parents knew that she was somethi...

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...ogy. Modern researchers have opened our eyes to these sorts of problems but there is only more to come in the future.

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