Essay on The Difference Between Confidence And Narcissism

Essay on The Difference Between Confidence And Narcissism

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An unfortunate development in the past few years is the social construct that the future generation is steadily becoming more selfish and vain. Likely originating from the countless “selfies,” or pictures of oneself, being taken by teenagers and young adults, adults of the last generation seem to be under the impression that the Millennials in line to take power will have more priorities meant to benefit the individual rather than the population as a whole. Thankfully, they are mistaken. Still, though, it is a problem that the line between self-confidence and narcissism has become so thin that we can no longer be one without the other. General impressions of the words have been passed down through the years, and unfortunately both have become so watered down that they seem basically the same. So what is the difference between confidence and narcissism?
A narcissist is generally described as a person that has an excessive love for him/herself. Unfortunately, this vague definition is more common to the general public than the official definition. This is why people with confidence in themselves are often mistaken as narcissistic. The truth behind it is, narcissism is the slightly less extreme version of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD. While narcissism is mild enough to be considered a personality trait, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a mental illness. Individuals diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to think that they should be held in higher regard than others. These people consider attention and praise their birthright and tend to be easily angered when they do not receive it. Often, narcissistic people are also manipulative and cocky. These individuals are power-driven and usually have a motive...

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...ident people can recognize when they should provide in an interaction and when they should take in an interaction without the conversation being uncomfortable. As opposed to narcissism, confidence is humble, and compliments directed towards a confident person are usually taken gracefully. With the proper knowledge it is not difficult to distinguish confidence from narcissism. A compliment towards oneself occasionally is a result of confidence, praising oneself constantly and failing to praise anyone else is narcissism. It is detrimental that the difference between the two is learned quickly, before concepts such as confidence and high self-esteem are viewed with a negative connotation. Confidence means a clean conscience and a cheerful attitude. The last thing we need is a world full of future leaders that have been taught to be ashamed of their own minds and bodies.

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