Difference Between Classical And Classical Music Essay

Difference Between Classical And Classical Music Essay

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People can view quality differently or the same. Most people expect to purchase a quality product or receive a quality service because they want or expect a good value for their money.
Quality can mean different things to different people. For example, virtuoso musicians know that classical music is of the highest quality and that rap music ranks among the least in quality. Classical music involves years of study and practice to be able to compose. In contrast, anyone with little or no knowledge of music can make up the lyrics and notes to a rap song in a short amount of time. This means that quality may hold a higher standard of excellence to an educated audience and that an uneducated audience may have a lower requirement standard. An uneducated audience can also mistake quality as being good simply because they equate million dollar rap music record deals to be of good quality due to all the people who purchase the music compared to the classical genre. In their view, if it sells, then it must have quality. Just because more uneducated people like a product such as rap music does...

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