The Difference Between Black And White Essay

The Difference Between Black And White Essay

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The difference between black and white is far more than just two colors on different ends of the spectrum of life. In Chris Cleave’s novel Little Bee, the theory of Postcolonialism between the two races, black and white, is especially present. Throughout this gripping story of rebellion and acceptance, there is a clear mark between the two worlds that each narrator perceives. Sarah is a young mother and widow who is the editor of a popular British gossip magazine. The other narrator is a teenage refugee who has named herself Little Bee. Since she has been running and hiding from the oil wars in her home country, she decided to ask the unfamiliar home of a couple she had met only once, if she could stay with them. The comparisons that Cleave makes of the two females leans greatly toward the idea that Sarah, the British know it all, is superior to Little Bee, the Nigerian refugee, until the end when he shows that the two have more in common than meets the eye.
While reading about the events that had occurred throughout the novel, it is clear to see that there are many aspects that lead to Cleave describing Sarah and Little Bee the way that he did. In order to show the differences between the two, Cleave uses Sarah to represent the oppressors. Being raised in a privileged home and community, Sarah has always seen the world as an almost perfect place. None of the years of education that Sarah has received growing up had supplied her with the knowledge of knowing that she is presented as a superior race. Sarah recalls remembering “the exact day when England became [her], when its contours cleaved to the curves of [her] own body, when its inclinations became [her] own” (Cleave 198). As a young girl growing up in Britain, Sarah believed...

... middle of paper ... Nigeria, Sarah and Little Bee attempt to collect as many stories as they possibly can. (Cleave 252). Although the story ends in Little Bee being recaptured by soldiers, the two women were able to gather many stories that could be published nation-wide.
Throughout the thrilling journey that Little Bee and Sarah take together, it is clear to see that black or white, rich or poor, the two women deserve to be seen as equals. The events that Little Bee and Sarah encountered were life changing for the both of them. Impacting each other in the way that they did, Sarah and Little Bee were able to accomplish the continuation of a book that will exploit the postcolonial countries. It is clear to see that in the novel Chris Cleave wrote, was able to accomplish an accurate theory of postcolonialism between the native adolescent of Nigerian and sophisticated women Britain.

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