The Difference Between Adventure Stories And Video Games Essay examples

The Difference Between Adventure Stories And Video Games Essay examples

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1) The difference between adventure stories, and video games Hilliard states is that video games cannot draw in depth story development, or character development. Unlike stories that draw a reader’s attention to a characters emotions or personalities, a video game is concentrated more on illusions of action, adventure, and not so imaginable situations. Another major difference is that video games use short clips, and demonstrations to try and build a story line. A novel uses the entire length of the book to build the development of characters and the plot. The author is trying to draw the reader’s attention to the difference a video game has to books. Although video games can take an adventure books place, overall the video game cannot develop, demonstrate, or build human character and expectations because it cannot build or explain a story line quite like a book.
2) Hilliard uses opposition to build his argument by showing although he feels that books build a stronger connection to the reader, video games are now drawing more attention from people. The author uses statistics, and other findings to prove the books once were the preferred option of entertainment until lately. He states recently the population is finding the story lines of WoW, and many other games to excite the mind of the player. It is actually proven that the average age of the current gamer is 35, and more women over the age of 18 play video games than boys younger than 17. The author uses this to build his argument by showing although he feels a book builds better story lines and entertainment, the general population doesn’t agree. Hilliard then helps guide the reader into the reasons that books are actually better than video games even though the popu...

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...g these illusions instead of an actual situation. Then supports the books by proving they tend to teach readers morals using realistic situations to keep the reader’s attention while teaching. Hilliard is demonstrating that although video games seem completely fine, and entertaining they are in fact missing the actual key arguments and learning pieces a book presents.
5) Hilliard is arguing that although video games can create an adventurous scene, and entertainment for the consumer, there is no benefits from it. By reading books instead of playing video games you learn key values to use towards your own life. By learning morals within stories you may learn decisions have consequences so you must ponder what is right, and what is wrong before making decisions. Within a video game consequences are nonexistent so you are not learning lifelong lessons by playing.

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