Essay on Difference Between A Nation And State

Essay on Difference Between A Nation And State

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To explain the difference between a nation and state, a definition is necessary. A state is government with supreme authority to make laws over a defined territory or population. For some American citizens, this might be hard to understand, but “American state” is not the state that is defined above. State government, such as West Virginian government, can make laws, but it is not the government with supreme authority; therefore, West Virginia is not a state but the United States is a state. Yet, a nation is a different concept. A nation is a group of people who believe that they share common culture, history, etc.; for instance, South Korea is a state, but South Korean is a nation. To compare, a state focuses on the area and population that a government can rule while a nation focuses on unity and shared custom; state is about government, and a nation is about people and culture. These two concepts made other trends like nationalism, and territoriality. Nationalism is a feeling of belonging to a nation, and a belief that the nation has right to govern itself. These ideologies have c...

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