Difference Between A Gang And Gang Essay examples

Difference Between A Gang And Gang Essay examples

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What is a gang? Well according to most gang members, they aren’t a gang, they are a family. Now according to Oxford Dictionaries, a gang is “an organized group of criminals (gangs, n.d.).” Now gangs are known to be violent and having no mercy for others. When a gang is thought of, most people think of either some type of biker gang, or maybe even a gang from the “hood”. Now a group of friends hanging out in school doesn’t seem to differ too much from a gang from just looking at them. This is because they all share the same interest, and they all seem to wear similar clothing. So what is the difference between a gang? A gang differs in the degree of violence that they are ready to commit. Now there are three different types of gangs that tend to vary in their violence that they have. The first is the social gang, there is no real leader in this gang. They are usually a group of people who are stable youth who are considered equal. This type of gang usually classifies your jocks and cheerleaders in high school. Now the delinquent gangs, are gangs that are based around committing crimes and making money. The leader of this type of gang is usually the best at planning and committing crimes. The last gang is the violent gang, is centered on the goal of obtaining emotional satisfaction through violent activities. Now that we have established what a gang is, and a definition of a gang. Now, the things that I want to discuss about youth gangs and delinquency are a background of gangs, the risks of gangs and risk to those around them, and how gangs work.

Gangs have been around for a very long time. Gangs were still around back in the late 1800s. Now gangs have evolved so much from that time period. In the 1920s – 19...

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... taken it one step farther. He went back to visit the kids and show them the surprise of their life. He had created their own backyard basketball court, and not only that he brought somebody special to help them break it in. The officer got one of the Harlem Globe Trotters to come play with the kids. Now in the aspect of all this, the officer had the court labeled at the free-throw line that says #hoopsnotcrimes. Also the officer started his Basketball Cop Foundation to help supply new basketball equipment to lower income kids. This was just a simple and easy call that he could have been a jerk to the kids and made them stop playing, and yet he saw it as an opportunity to spend time with the kids to keep them from living a delinquent life. This is what can keep our youth from making a decision from joining a gang, and making a better decision for their lives.

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