Dieting Should Be Healthy And Losing Weight Essays

Dieting Should Be Healthy And Losing Weight Essays

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No one wants to be or feel like they are overweight, unhealthy, or unattractive. When someone in the general public looks in the mirror or steps on the scale, and they are not satisfied with what is being shown, one of the first ideas to bubble to the surface is dieting. There are so many dieting solutions out there and one of the most popular are the fad diets. Dieting should be about getting healthy and losing weight in a healthy way. Fad diets however, are about losing a lot of weight in a disproportionally short amount of time. Due to the loss of weight that the dieter wanted, when they reach their goal weight, they stop doing the fad diet and go back to their regular diet. This causes the weight that they shed to be put back on again in a disproportionally short amount of time, which is also just as unhealthy. This cycle of losing and gaining weight is only one of the many dangers of fad diets.
Dieting, which usually starts out with good intentions, becomes a nasty obsession for many bringing along bad habits along the way. Regardless of these negatives, diets – fad diets in particular – are still very popular “because they promise quick results, are relatively easy to implement, and claim remarkable improvements in how their followers will look or feel” (Freedman par. 1). It can be assumed that most people want the easiest solution that will give them the best results in the shortest amount of time. That’s what a fad diet does: it promotes quick weight loss, doesn’t require any drastic lifestyle changes, and they show examples of the good things that happen to those who use the fad diets. Despite the positivity given off by the idea of a fad diet, they “do not work long-term…[and] there is little value in losing weight if on...

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...orie, low-sodium food that is high in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and fiber” (Gourley 1080). Because this diet is about heavy calorie restriction, which does almost always lead to weight loss, important nutrients such as calcium, iron, folic acid, and other vitamins aren’t part of the diet. And while eating fruits and vegetables is healthy, eating such a restricted amount is not healthy.
“In conclusion, fad diets do not result in long-term weight loss, are nutritionally inadequate, and should be avoided. The optimal diet for weight loss is one that reduces overall caloric intake and promotes physical activity. It is a diet high in vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates (grains and legumes), and low-fat dairy products. It is associated with fullness and satiety and reduces the risk of chronic disease. It is also convenient and inexpensive to follow” (Freedman par. 5).

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