Dieting: Healthy or Unhealthy Essay

Dieting: Healthy or Unhealthy Essay

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Dieting can be done by anybody whether you are old or young, male or female. There are two different types of dieting. One is healthy and the other one is unhealthy. There are many unhealthy ways to diet but none of them should be used unless one is obese. Yes, they are easy and take less time than healthy dieting but it is not safe. One must take five minutes, at minimum, out of one’s day to do a little bit of exercise. This gives one a break from the normal schedule while giving one a way to relieve stress. The healthy way to diet is better than the unhealthy way for many different reasons. Healthy has more benefits than it does risks. As for unhealthy, it has more risks than benefits.
When someone says the word dieting most people believe that person is referring to women. Studies show that “body dissatisfaction and dieting behaviors are generally normal among adolescent girls and women.” It was also said “women would be more dissatisfied with their bodies and more likely to participate in both healthy and unhealthy dieting behaviors than men would.” Women do more dieting than men do but “seventy nine percent of men said they have done healthy dieting behavior while thirty six percent said they have done an unhealthy dieting behavior.” This shows that men also participate in dieting behaviors. Dieting should not be thought of as what women do.
Diet is defined as, “a regulated selections of foods, specially designed and prescribed for the medical and/or general nutritional reason.” When most people think of the word diet today they think of the dieting alternatives. There are many dieting alternatives. The most common alternative is dieting pills. Aside from the dieting pills there are fat burning foods, liposuction, starvat...

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