Dietary Supplements From The United States Essay examples

Dietary Supplements From The United States Essay examples

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Dietary Supplements
A plethora of adults in the United States take dietary supplements either occasionally or every day. Today’s dietary supplements include enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, herbs, and many others ingredients. Dietary supplements come in a great number of forms: Powders, traditional tablets, capsules, as well as energy bars and drinks. Although Americans believe that by taking dietary supplements, they will receive the essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to improve and maintain their health, supplements are not necessary for overall health and consuming too much of them can deal to severe organ damage and death.
` It is very possible to receive all the nutrients the human being needs by eating a variety of healthy foods, taking a supplement would not do it. Also, taking too many of them can lead to side effects, especially if the supplement is consumed along with other type of medicine that were prescribed by a care provider. It is truth that dietary supplements are regulated by the U.S food and drug administration (FDA) as food and not as a drug and claims to be safe for the human use, but the label is a lie. “Millions of people in the United States consume dietary supplements hoping to maintain or improve their health; however, extensive research has failed to demonstrate the efficacy of numerous supplements in disease prevention” (Ranjani R).The supplements label claim to have some type of medical cure for any disease, or health benefits, but unlike a medicine, supplements are incapable to treat, cure, or prevent a disease.
There is little evidence that the majority of supplements can promote a better health. The most popular dietary supplements that are in the market are calcium, multivitamins, ...

... middle of paper ...

...affeine, caffeine give the body energy and keep the body full and active for several hours. Also, caffeine makes the heart beat twice as fast as the normal. If a costumer does not see the results he or she wants to see, a costumer will break the recommended serving and doubled the serving size to six pills a day or even more. This will cause to customer to suffer a heart attack and die in seconds. “Right now, the best we can do for patients who choose dietary supplements (either with or against our efficacy recommendations) is to provide education on the problem of quality and practical guidance on how to navigate store shelves or online markets” (McQueen and Sydney E.). Costumers should receive the right information and future side effects of the product he or she are paying for in order to prevent future damage to their organs that will result in a rapid death.

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