Dietary Restrictions For The Restaurants Essay

Dietary Restrictions For The Restaurants Essay

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It is a growing concern for chefs in the industry today to be able to cook for those with dietary restrictions including heart disease, diabetes, and a multitude of allergies. We managed to develop a seasonal and creative menu that is accommodating to people with heart disease, type two diabetes and a wheat allergy. Within our menu we used heart healthy oils, antioxidant packed vegetables, and healthy lean proteins to provide a nutritious dining option. The dishes available on our menu demonstrate how quality of taste can still be preserved when cooking healthy, nutritious meals.
For an intriguing and healthful appetizer our menu offers a roasted carrot soup with coriander. This dish consists of lightly roasted carrots pureed with olive oil, garlic, onions, coriander, and fresh orange juice which is then topped with low fat sour cream and fresh cilantro. Carrots alone have an immense amount of nutritional value that makes this dish ideal for its consumers. It is a root vegetable that is high in antioxidants providing a variety of vitamins and minerals. Since high cholesterol is a major factor in heart disease adding carrots to help with lowering cholesterol levels is beneficial. Carrots are rich sources of potassium which links them to reducing hypertension and protects the heart. The inclusion of fresh orange juice and herbs adds more variety and vitamins to the dish making it increasingly more healthful many other hearty soups.
Because carrots are so nutritional our vegan entrée option for this dining experience is also based mainly on carrots with the addition of other nutritional vegetables. The carrot osso buco we offer consists of carrots, pearl onions, and porcini mushrooms braised in a red wine mushroom broth served with...

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...ardamom adds the finishing touch of needed nutrients for this menu.
Overall our menu provides options that the consumers with heart disease and type two diabetes can enjoy knowing their bodies are being fueled with healthy ingredients. Those with a wheat allergy can also consume our menu in its entirety with no concerns for there is no trace of wheat in our dishes. Throughout these menu items there are trends like high antioxidant items, good sources of proteins, heart healthy oils, and several other components that accommodate our diners. Our dishes provide a variety of nutritional, flavorful, and vibrant ingredients that makes our menu not only heathy but desirable as well. The demand for menus like this is increasing rapidly and it is crucial to know how to create a seasonal, creative, and healthful dining option and our menu displays these characteristics well.

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