Dietary Intake At Canada 's Food Guide Essay

Dietary Intake At Canada 's Food Guide Essay

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The table above shows my dietary intake taken on an average of 3 consecutive days, two weekdays and one weekend, in comparison to the standard recommendation of each food group according to Canada’s Food Guide. The recommended daily intake of each food group for a nineteen-year old girl according to Canada’s Food Guide is 2 servings of meat and alternatives, 2 servings of milk and alternatives, 6-7 grain products, and 7-8 vegetables and fruits. On average, the only recommended daily intake I was able to meet was the consumption of fruits and vegetables of seven servings. For meats and alternatives, I did not consume the standard recommendation as I ate 0.5 more servings on average. Further, I did not meet the recommendation for the food group milk and alternatives because I only consumed 1 serving on average, which is half the recommended intake. In addition, I exceeded the recommended intake for grain products by half a serving. That being said, the data gathered above shows that I need to pay closer attention to my food consumption. By calculating my average daily food intake, I was able to see the discrepancies in my diet. I was only able to meet the recommended intake for one out of four food groups which alerts me to pay closer attention to my diet.

(b) The discrepancies between my diet and Health Canada’s recommended daily intake can be due to numerous factors. Primarily, lack of planning and meal preparations greatly affects my food consumption. I am a person who is always on the go, thus, I often do not have the time to adequately plan and prepare my meals. Consequently, this results to finding food that is convenient, affordable and easily prepared or bought. This results in poor choices such as junk food and generally...

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...habits, honesty is key. Also, recording your food on the basis of the food guide could be challenging when you do not know the exact measurements of the food you are consuming. Particularly, if an individual is having a meal at a restaurant, they may not be certain about all the ingredients used to make the meal. This can be problematic because if you don’t know the ingredients used and how much is used, it may be difficult to record it accurately. Furthermore, the guide is standardized. Therefore, an individual must be able to adjust his/her needs if necessary. For example, if you have a medical condition such as osteoporosis, consume more diary. In addition, if you are a very active individual, you may need more than the recommended amount for certain food groups. Overall, the food guide is a great tool individual could use if it is used with accuracy and honesty.

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