The Dietary Guidelines For Nutrition And Health Essay

The Dietary Guidelines For Nutrition And Health Essay

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Everybody has problems with how they look, as in their facial structure, facial features, etc. Something that people struggle with the most is their weight. The most recent National Center for Health Statistics report indicates that 69.2 percent of Americans are considered “overweight” or “obese” and that the adult obesity rate remains greater than 33.8 percent overall. (4) What most people don’t know is that there is a Dietary Guidelines for Americans which tell you the amount of servings of each of the food groups that you should have daily, the guidelines also tell you what is healthy for you and what is not. Ultimately, the Dietary Guidelines aims to represent the current science on diet and health, provide food-based guidance that meets nutrient needs, and address areas of particular public health importance in the United States. (1)
The development stage is the second stage in the 2015-2020 edition of the dietary guidelines. The eighth edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans involved a series of people for its development. The Advisory Committee, with the help of scientists, revised the previous edition, they also took into consideration public and Federal agency comments. The public is allowed to submit comments to the Advisory Committee and is also allowed to attend public meetings where they could give their comments and recommendations there. After the committee’s final report is submitted to the secretaries, the public is invited to another public meeting where they could submit their oral comments to the Federal Government as well as written comments on the final report. The public comments are considered in the development of the policy document, also showing great importance of the scientific judgement so t...

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...they should help their family to be smart about what foods they consume on a daily basis. The Federal Government should do better in informing people about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans because most people don’t really know about these guidelines that will help them and their families eat healthier.
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans is made to help individuals make healthier eating choices to avoid chronic diseases, such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc. The 2015 version is five guidelines that help you choose a healthy eating pattern. This report helped me better understand the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Before this report or even this class I never knew that these guidelines even existed. Most people have self-esteem problems because of their weight and these guidelines could help them with developing a more healthy diet and managing their weight.

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