Dietary Goals Essential Factors Influencing Changing Patterns Of Health And Disease

Dietary Goals Essential Factors Influencing Changing Patterns Of Health And Disease

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This assignment will include dietary goals required to maintaining health, how exercise is beneficial to maintain physical fitness and, an understanding of the factors influencing changing patterns of health and disease in a community.
Different nutritional requirements depending on size, age and sex relate directly to the different stages of human development, for instance;
Statistics show that infants aged one-two months old (fed on breast-milk) ideally take on the following amounts of nutrients per day as an estimated intake; boys 526 (kcal), and girls 478 (kcal). At four months old soft foods are introduced, steadily increasing the nutrients for the rest of the infancy stage. The next stage of development is childhood, at one-three years old energy requirements increase; up to 1171 (kcal) for boys, and up to 1076 (kcal) for girls at the age of three years old. This increase in energy is due to their rapid growth rate and increased activity, so energy-dense diets with vitamins and minerals are required to satisfy their nutritional needs relating to the growth rate. There is an increase in nutritional requirements as children become young adults, for instance; at 15 years old boys require an estimated 2820 (kcal) and girls 2390 (kcal) for daily energy intakes. This is due to the adolescence growth stage developing in to adults (Foundation, 2012).
Figures show that as stages of development change and age increases, the energy input and nutritional intake increases as well, slightly more for males as they are usually bigger than females. When comparing adults aged nineteen-twenty four (men 2772 kcal daily) and (women 2175 kcal daily) to children aged one-three the figures have doubled, and there is a massive increase in nutrition...

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