Dietary Allowance For My Sex And Age Essay

Dietary Allowance For My Sex And Age Essay

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The information contained in this overview compares four days of normal eating to the recommended dietary allowance for my sex and age, compares four days of healthy eating to the same recommended dietary allowance, and will then compare the four days of normal eating to the four days of healthy eating. To begin the comparison we will begin with the four days of normal eating compared to the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for my specific sex and age (RDA chart shown below for a female of 49 years of age) and will focus on the following specific nutrients; calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin C and Vitamin D. In review these five nutrients previously referenced compared to the RDA below are inconsistent over the four days and there is not one day where all were met or one day where a specific nutrient achieved 100% during these four days. The only item that averaged out over the four days greater than 100% is sodium, which is a nutrient that you should keep at or under the 100% RDA, for sodium can increase your blood pressure, which is a contributor to several lifestyle diseases. The next two highest from the weekly summary that actually were the same percentage result of 92% of the RDA for the four days was calcium and vitamin D. In reviewing the daily food that was consumed over the four days there does not seem to be a significant difference in the results where you could make a determination if one food contributed more than another. In taking an average of the carbohydrates, protein and fat over the four days the averages showed that the carbohydrates (42.75%) and protein (18.75%) did not meet the RDA percentage and the fat (38.25%) was over the 25-30% RDS for fat intake. In looking at the individual foods during the four...

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...hat are in the wheat bread and the protein that is in the peanut butter. Adding a healthier side to go with the half sandwich vs. Doritos would also be to my benefit. While not previously touched on another change that needs to be made is reducing the number of caffeinated drinks such as coffee and diet Pepsi and increasing my water intake. By adding more water into my diet this will make me feel more full and help decrease unnecessary snacking as well as keep my hydration levels up for when I am exercising. My food tracking choice was previously My Fitness Pal however, this only provides the carbohydrate, fat and protein information it does not contain the overall RDA intake percentages and therefore I will need identify a different food tracker that will include providing the RDA percentages so that I can view a full picture of the foods that I eat in my diet.

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