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How does losing weight work? It’s when your body burns more calories than its taking in, and using the excess fat to fuel the body ( Losing weight should not be something that happens over night, instead it should be a process taken one day at a time. To effectively keep the weight off it takes hard work and dedication, no short cuts. A lot of times people try to take the easy way out by taking supplements or doing meal plans for a few weeks, or months. These options might work temporarily, but your body needs something permanent. If one simply eats healthy and exercises daily they will lose weight and keep it off.
Taking dietary pills are one of the worst ways to lose weight, not only if someone expects long term results, but also all the healths risks and dangerous effects that come along with it are not worth it. According to the article The Nasty Truth about Diet Pills by Gleaner Staff, there were thirteen reports of liver failure due to diet pills in 2009. Most of the people needed an immediate liver transplant, however a few died (par. 4). The Federal Food, Cosmetics, and Drug Act, also known as the FDA do not approve of dietary supplements which should show people how unsafe they really are. “We’ve also found weight-loss products marketed as supplements that contain dangerous concoctions of hidden ingredients including active ingredients contained in approved seizure medications, blood pressure medications, and antidepressants,” stated by Jason Humbert, a manager at FDA (Beware of Products Promising Weight Loss in par. 5). Dietary pills for weight loss do a lot more harm than good, and if the FDA doesn’t approve of them, then they shouldn 't be entering the body. In addition to diet pills, weight los...

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...two proper ways to lose weight effectively, I interviewed Alex Rufer who says, “I did weight watchers for 5 months, lost weight and kept it off by eating healthy without the meal plan.” Pre prepared meal plans can work, if they are done the right way. As you can see, Alex was able to use a meal plan and learn portion size, which is a huge favor to weight lose. Alex also said, “After the 5 months, I realized it’s about what you eat, so I maintained my calorie intake and kept track of what I was eating.”
Considering the hazardous effects of diet pills and the expense and inconvenience of meal plans, even though they could work, if done right, exercising daily and eating healthier is the only way to see guaranteed weight loss results. Walking your dog and starting your day with a healthy breakfast is a start for anyone who wants to accomplish their weight loss goals.

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