Essay on The Diet Of Social Status

Essay on The Diet Of Social Status

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The diet of social status
Whether a person lives within high or low class in their social status, the socioeconomic factor can decide on one’s diet, along with one’s health plan. A family’s diet shows “how social class shapes our daily, face-to-face interactions—from casual exchanges to interactions at school, work, and home” (Fiske and Markus). Not many people can afford a particular diet, whether for religious reasons or a life changing personal decision. Similar to the vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, or other diets of their liking. Many who fall into the category of overweight and obese do not always have the privilege to live healthily, based off of expenses, however, a diet will determined by their environment, which continues the endless cycle of their unhealthy diet.
From childhood obesity, researchers’ awareness has stood aiming toward family socioeconomic statuses (SES) and social influences on children 's diets. From research, children remain strongly affected by physical and social environment characteristics. Physical; Children eat the food that adults provide to them, available ease of access to them, and eat more when more food is constantly provided. Social; socioeconomic and sociocultural like parents’ ed., time constraints, and ethnicity become influential of their diet. The mealtime structure has importance and additionally includes social and physical characteristics toward families eating together, TV and dinner, and food source (restaurants, schools). “Public health strategies aimed at reducing SES inequalities in diet might focus on promoting healthy diets that are low cost, as well as promoting time-efficient food preparation strategies for all women” (Inglis , V., K. Ball, and D. Crawford). Parents hold...

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...factors.” (Lindquist). To these issues, diets particularly effect other people without their awareness and only stress their viewpoints when acknowledged.
“Diet quality is affected not only by age and sex, but also by occupation, education, and income levels” (Darmon and Drewnowski). Although the factors that balance out someone’s diet to be unhealthy, nevertheless the person’s social economic status pinpoints the direct reason of his or her health plan. In a low social status, a higher percentage of people consume an unhealthy diet of trans-fats and high fructose corn syrups, that stand most recognized as the cornucopia of food, and prove the cycle of low class unhealthy diets. In relation to their diet to become healthier, a healthy diet can consist of unaffordable necessary items, which pushes low-income people back to an unwanted diet of poor nutritional value6.

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