Essay on Diet ( Nutrition ) Assessment

Essay on Diet ( Nutrition ) Assessment

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Diet (Nutrition) Assessment

I. Calorie Intake Analysis
a. What is your recommended number of…
i. Total Calories: 2000 Calories
ii. Empty Calories: 258 Calories
iii. Solid Fats: considered to have little to no nutritional value, it is apart of empty Calories.
iv. Added Sugars: considered to have little to no nutritional value, it is apart of empty Calories.
b. On average, how many Calories did you consume in each of the above
items (i. – iv.) each day of the project?
Average Eaten:
i. Total Calories: 1232 Calories
ii. Empty Calories: 278 Calories
iii. Solid Fats: 172 Calories
iv. Added Sugars: 106 Calories
c. Are these numbers different?
My numbers are different for total Calories by a lot because I do not eat the right portion sizes to make it to the recommended 2000 Calories a day. My numbers for empty Calories are different by 20 Calories over the recommended amount. The food that I do eat does contain more empty Calories than nutritional Calories.

d. Describe the possible effects of any Calorie differences you observed on your health.
If I keep eating the amount of empty Calories then I could potentially be gaining unwanted weight. I also endanger myself by not eating enough Calories because my body is not getting enough fuel to maintain itself.

II. Food Group Analysis
a. Did you fall short, meet or exceed the recommended target amounts for
the different food groups?
i. Grains: Whole vs. Refined:
Whole grains: Under
Refined grains: Over
ii. Vegetables: Starchy and Other vs. Green/Red/Orange/Beans/Peas
Dark Green: Under
Red & Orange: Under
Beans & Peas: Under
Starchy: Under
Other: Under
iii. Fruits: Whole vs. Juice

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...This person should increase the amount of fiber in their diet to about 2-3 serving a day of whole grains instead of refined grains.
look at the ingredients list and pick the items that have whole grains listed first.
replace items in your pantry that have refined grains in them for items that have whole grains.
make homemade snacks that have some sort of whole grain cereal in them mixed with dried fruit and nuts.

c. Are you really willing to try to implement this action plan? Why or why not?
I am more than willing to try to implement this action plan in my life because with all my medical problems it is probably best that I do start eating healthier. It is going to be hard being that a college kids budget is not really that big, but instead of buying junk food I will start buying healthier options that will keep me full longer and have more nutritional value.

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