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Diet For A Boot Camp Essay

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First, a quick look at diets again, which require many changes in food and food habits, either right away or in a week or two while you remove all the items from your kitchen that are not allowed anymore, and you buy the new foods you need. In addition, these are not some minor changes, they can be strict calorie limitations and avoidances of whole food groups; a comparison of diets to a boot camp is pretty accurate. To be fair, most people who want to lose weight want that diet to work fast and work like magic, and to lose weight fast you pretty much have to (severely) limit carbs and calories and completely change your food habits. Not surprisingly, diets fail because either people can 't handle the food boot camp and give up the diet or they change back to their old food and food habits as soon as the diet is over, bringing all the weight back again.

What works instead of diets is making slow changes in your food and food habits, and only the changes you want at the pace you want.

First, you need to really look at what you eat and understand what that food does to you, a lot of people get in trouble with weight and health because they don 't realize what they eat and drink, how much they eat and drink, and what the food they eat and drink will do to them. Even though "you are what you eat" is a cliché, it is really true, if you eat healthy food you 'll be healthy; if you eat unhealthy food, you 'll be unhealthy. Can you still eat cookies when you really know the sugar they contain weakens your immune system and goes straight to your fat cells, and can you still eat a burger, fries and soda if you really know that anything else you eat that day will make you fat?

Once you know the importance of good food, make lists of all yo...

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...mes, which I love, but I eat less of it. If you really want a sugary fancy Starbucks drink instead of a plainer (iced) cafe latte, have that fancy drink at most once a week or once a month. Go ahead and eat out, but start eating salads with salmon instead of always steak and mashed potatoes. Every burger place will sell you just the burger with a glass of water, no need to go for the burger, fries and soda. Do me a favor and don 't stock your freezer with ice cream anymore; instead go out once in a while and get it at the ice cream shop and perhaps eat healthier gelato instead. If there is a party or feast, you have my permission to eat a piece of cake or pastry. As time goes by, your desire to eat unhealthy food will become less because by then you know, you really know that healthy food makes you healthier and skinnier and unhealthy food makes you unhealthy and fat.

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