Diet Analysis And Nutritional Diet Essay

Diet Analysis And Nutritional Diet Essay

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As most of us have busy lives, it is very easy to forego the good nutritional selections and just grab something that is already prepared, rather than plan and cook a whole- some meal. Demanding, hectic lifestyles are often to blame for the majority of poor food choices versus what should be included in a well- balanced nutritional diet. The “My Plate” program is a quick and easy guide that busy Americans can use to break down their dietary intake into groups such as proteins, grains, and vegetables. I recently utilized this program to record my own food intake over three consecutive days and it helped me look at my overall nutritional intake and see exactly what changes I will need to make in order to obtain and maintain a healthy diet and in turn, a healthy lifestyle. “My Plate” has helped me see the areas where I needed improvement by bringing to light my actual true food intake and where I was most deficient in my consumption of important minerals and vitamins.
I started a new seven-day diet analysis and my nutritional summary indicated that my sodium intake has improved from 2628mg to 2262mg. My Plate suggested that I should have no more than 2300mg of sodium per day. I started to eat more grilled chicken and stayed away from pizza, burgers, and fries. As far as Fiber, I started to eat more vegetables such as, carrots, chickpeas, string beans, broccoli, and almonds. My fiber intake has improved from 12g to 26g, this is great! According to My Plate I should be at 25g now that I made these diet changes, my fiber intake has improved. My iron intake did not improve in a two -week time frame, I was at 10mg and now I am at 12mg. My Plate suggest 18mg is needed. I understand that Iron is very important in my diet, I need to in...

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...tes and my target according to My plate 150 minutes. As a student I understand the importance of exercise, does not mean spend hours at the gym, just by doing 30 minute workouts over a week period makes you feel good about yourself. Being active leads to a healthy lifestyle.
Overall, I found “My Plate” to be very interesting. I never once thought about whether my diet provided the right amount of vitamins and minerals my body required until now. This program helped me realize how important a good nutritional diet is when it comes to the essential roles of each vitamin and mineral contained in the foods I eat. With the information I have learned from this “My Plate” assignment, I am even more determined and motivated to change my lifestyle and to train myself to make wiser food choices. I know that making the right food choices will take dedication and that there

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