Diet Analysis : A Self Study Essay

Diet Analysis : A Self Study Essay

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This diet analysis is a self-study for the days 11/01/15, 11/02/15, and 11/04/15. I am a 21-year-old male, 5’8, and 152 pounds. I met with a registered dietician at the wellness center in the Marshal Student Center for my body composition analysis. I discovered my body fat is 10.7%, and my BMI is 23.1. These scores place me in a healthy, normal range.
My daily physical activity level is intermediate. Most of my day is spent desk-bound because of the amount of studying and schoolwork I have to do. Roughly 60 minutes per day are devoted to high intensity exercise. For exercise, training is almost exclusively weight lifting. Low volume with high repetition when I am going for a more lean physique, and high volume with low repetition when I want to increase muscle mass. I naturally have an ectomorph body type and got into bodybuilding about three years ago, so my nutritional and physical goals over the last three years have primarily been about accumulating mass. As of now, my goal is to maintain overall physique and body fat, but fluctuations in exercise and diet may occur based on the physique I desire at the time.
Normally my carbohydrate intake consists of bagels or toast at breakfast. With the exception of my occasional pasta consumption, every other meal is usually clear of any carbohydrates or grains. As stated earlier, my diet and training regimen fluctuate throughout the year based on my physique goals. Because I am not currently exercising as much, my low carbohydrate intake is not as physically noticeable when I conduct my day-to-day activities. However, I would like to incorporate more grains and carbohydrate in my diet through snacks such as granola, and oatmeal with a hint of brown sugar for breakfast. Of course, con...

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.... I will start taking multivitamins because it would be a simple way to ensure my daily vitamin and mineral needs are met. For Vitamin E I can incorporate sunflower seeds, almonds, and spinach into my diet.
I have not altered my lifestyle or diet since start of class. However, I see there is quite a bit of work to be done. I will focus on my cholesterol, sodium, and vitamin & mineral intake. Switching to egg whites and low sodium turkey bacon or sausage can make changes in my cholesterol. In regards to my vitamin & mineral intake, introducing foods such as bananas, yogurt, cheese, carrots, and oranges will help. Also by introducing a multivitamin, I can ensure my daily vitamin and mineral needs are met. Generally, I am somewhat satisfied with my nutritional value, but I know there is plenty of room for improvement and I plan on implementing these diet alterations.

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