Diesel Makes A Difference Essay

Diesel Makes A Difference Essay

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Higher fuel economy helps consumers save money with gas prices going up all the time people want more efficient vehicles. Diesel vehicles can also be converted to bio-diesel which are made using vegetable oils. These bio-diesel vehicles have less emissions and run at a cheaper cost. Bio-diesel can cost any where from one to two dollars cheaper than gasoline. Diesel vehicles engines are proven to last longer because they they are built to withstand a more powerful explosion thus made with more robust parts, therefore retaining their value over time. A older vehicle with a diesel engine is often worth more than that of the same vehicle with a gasoline engine in the same condition. Diesel engines last about twice as long as gasoline engines because they are better lubricated. Tractor trailer trucks run on diesel because they can run for long periods of time and also run a lot more efficiently. Diesel engines run in a much lower RPM range. They have longer stroke than gasoline engines therefore increasing their torque. The increase in torque gives it an increase in pulling power so the ...

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