Essay about Diesel Cars Have Been A Controversial Issue For Many Years Now

Essay about Diesel Cars Have Been A Controversial Issue For Many Years Now

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Diesel cars have been a controversial issue for many years now. Australians love their diesel cars, which is evident as diesel-powered cars now make up for 30% of the market (Dowling, 2013). Diesel cars are so popular in Australia as they were meant to better the environment as they emit less C02 per kilometre on average than that of petrol cars. With further research, it has been found that whilst diesel-powered cars are better for the environment, they are hazardously affecting our health. It was reported by ‘the Bureau of Transport and Regional services’ in 2005, that diesel emissions were responsible for approximately between 900 and 2000 deaths, furthermore, being responsible for up to 4500 cardiovascular and respiratory diseases each year. (Dowling, 2013).

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirmed in 2012, that diesel emissions were in fact carcinogenic (Dowling, 2013). Carcinogenic meaning that it has the potential to form cancer. When diesel is burnt in an engine, it releases two carcinogens; microscopic soot particles and chemicals which are known as ‘polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons’ or PAHs for short. Inhaling PAHs directly damage the cell DNA in the lungs, which could cause cancer. When the soot particles are inhaled they are likely to become lodged deep in the lung tissue which causes long-term inflammation which in turn can increase the rate at which the cells divide (Scowcroft, 2012). This is because the combination of such complex chemicals can have adverse, uncontrollable effects on the human body. The main chemicals generally found in diesel emissions are; carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, and sulphur dioxide. (U.S. department of labour, 2014). Carcinogens c...

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... be an outcome and can lead to premature death in children. Keeping diesel cars in Australia will save individual’s money, as they will not have to re-fuel as often. There are also many other pollutants that as humans, we need to address. In my personal opinion, diesel cars should be phased out in Australia. Overall ridding Australia of diesel cars will save us and the government more money, in medical associations. I understand that diesel cars are better for the environment than gasoline cars but if there are no humans left due to the health effects that diesel emissions have caused, what is the point of having a healthy environment? Technology is evolving and cars will be made in the future that are both environmentally friendly and do not have negative health effects on humans, there is no need to continue ruining the health of thousands of Australians.

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