Did you say Nuclear Power? Essay

Did you say Nuclear Power? Essay

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Did you say Nuclear Power?
Humans have depended on fossil fuel energy for a long time, however, with climate change and national security becoming a major focal point we need to pursuit other energy sources besides fossils fuel. Therefore, many nations are looking for greener and safe alternatives energy. Furthermore, with the threat of terrorism, countries are now motivated to looking for energy sources, which do not come from oil rich countries that sponsors terrorism. This is the reason the nuclear power alternatives has made a significant come back in the energy discussion. When one speaks of nuclear most people only can think of the negative aspect of nuclear energy, such as safety issue. I will discuss are the pros and cons of reviving nuclear energy and the environmental impact of its renaissance into the energy discussion.
Pro Nuclear Power perspective
The belief is that nuclear energy can help in energy security, to diminish, or eradicate the need for natural gas or other fossil fuels. Senator Lindsey Graham said in an article, “Our nation stands at a crossroads as many significant issues have been ignored for decades. Among them is energy independence and passing along a cleaner environment to future generations.” (Graham, 2009) Senator Graham made a valid comment about energy independence and the environment. Ones can only look at the disastrous oil spill gushing out of the gulf coast, and know that we need to change how we obtain our energy sources. This is especially true with terrorism being a focal point of many developed countries such as United States, France, and the United Kingdom, making energy security even more important than ever.
The United States an...

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...es energy.


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