Did Thomas Jefferson Make The Right Deal On Purchasing The Louisiana Territory

Did Thomas Jefferson Make The Right Deal On Purchasing The Louisiana Territory

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Did Thomas Jefferson make the right deal on purchasing the Louisiana Territory in 1803? I believe Thomas Jefferson made the right choice of accepting the deal Napoleon Bonaparte offered. The Louisiana Purchase was one of the biggest and cheapest land deals in United States history. The Louisiana Purchase involved two countries, the United States and France, and a big bill for the newly formed United States. Thomas Jefferson doing his best to follow the constitution would soon find it difficult to do so. When Spain gave the Louisiana territory back to France, Jefferson was hit with a dilemma. Thomas Jefferson was caught between his ideas and reality, and with the Pinckney Treaty now void, Jefferson had to find a way to get access to the Mississippi River, a natural highway for farmers at the time and still today, and to the Port of New Orleans. Thomas Jefferson, then sent two men, Robert Livingston and future President James Monroe, to offer a deal up to ten million for the Port of New Orleans; however, Livingston and Monroe were offered a counterproposal of fifteen million for the whole territory, about three cents an acre. It cost twenty-seven million after everything was paid due to the United States not having the cash on hand; therefore, the United States had to borrow the money from two European banks at a six percent interest rate. (Bernard W. Sheehan pg. 355) None the less Livingston and Monroe accepted the deal on behalf of the United States.

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The Louisiana Purchase was perhaps the single best deal the Thomas Jefferson could have made. The purchase was a struggle mentally that he would debate about for the rest of his life. Even though, Thomas Jefferson was a strict interpreter of the constitution, he could po...

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...he threat of a foreign evasion. Over time, The Louisiana Purchase, along with a few other land purchases, would allow the United States to ascend to the title of a World Superpower.

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If Thomas Jefferson had never bought the Louisiana Territory, the United States, and World would be a much different place than it is today. Without the United States, being a global superpower, Germany may have won World War I or II, China and Russia might be the ones in the Cold War, they may never constructed The Panama Canal, France, Spain, Great Brittan, Canada or even Mexico could possibly own the United States. There are many of “what ifs” but one thing is for certain, with Thomas Jefferson buying the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte, The United States would not be the superpower, global force, the benchmark of democracy, or economic powerhouse it is today.

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