Essay on Did The Internet Make Us Stupid?

Essay on Did The Internet Make Us Stupid?

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Did the Internet make us Stupid?
The world has seen a sharp increase in the number of people accessing the internet. In acknowledgement of this trend, Cummins et al (p.3) maintain that change is the pillar that characterizes the speed of technological transformation. However, despite the fact that it is about twenty years since the start of the World Wide Web, it is difficult to comprehend life without it. The internet has provided people with rapid access to large information (Carr). Also it is much easier to relate with friends in a continuous manner. However, there are negative impacts to the reliance on the internet. Increased research submits that the internet is making people stupid based on the distractions it causes.
According to Lehrer (p.1), the first scare of technology was started by Socrates. Socrates complained about the introduction of books that created an element of forgetfulness within the soul. He cautioned that as opposed to recalling for themselves, emerging readers were blindly trusting in external characters. In his opinion, the library was destroying the mind. By the year 1890, the challenge was the transmission pace. This saw the emergence of radio and television that affected the mind with a kind of pleasure that was considered passive. The same fears have been increased by the development of the internet.
In supporting this submission, Rahwan et al (p.1) established that while increased connectivity via the internet and social media makes people smarter, it could as well make them stupider. Research has been conducted about this debate. It has been shown that people reading texts fitted with links understand less compared to those reading printed words. On the other hand, the people watching multiple...

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... College Student Journal 47.4(2013): 585-592.
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