Essay about Did Anyone Ever Escape Alcatraz?

Essay about Did Anyone Ever Escape Alcatraz?

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Many people would love to believe that Frank Morris and the two Anglin brothers lived through there escape from Alcatraz, but it cannot be proven. It has been fifty years since their escape and we still have no evidence as to whether or not they ever even lived. Alcatraz has become one of the most haunted places in America and was home to some of America's most notorious criminals. Some will choose to believe that the ghosts of Alcatraz exist, but others may not. So, why did Alcatraz shut down? How did the prisoners escape and are they alive?
The famous Alcatraz Island is located in the San Francisco Bay one and a half miles offshore from San Francisco, California. One might say that the climate on Alcatraz is very unpredictable, but why? Some people would like to believe that it is because of all the spirits of prisoners hanging around but that is not the case here. One reported that, “cold, foggy mornings may give way to sunny afternoons, which in turn can shift quickly back to more fog and blustery winds.” It rarely reaches above seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit or lower than thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, it almost never snows on the island. Winters are wet and winds are expected in every season. (Alcatraz Cruises).
We all know that prisoners lived on Alcatraz Island, but where did the guards and their families live? Since Alcatraz is not very big, guard families lived in building number sixty-four. There were three apartment buildings, one large duplex, and four wooden houses for senior officers. The Warden lived in a large home adjacent to the cell houses. He used inmates that had been reported to have good behavior to clean and cook for him. The Captain and the Associate Warden lived in the one duplex. A...

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